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Simpson & Vail Literary Tea

Simpson & Vail Literary Tea

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Simpson & Vail loose leaf teas are special blends inspired by classic literature.  They come in a beautiful 4 oz tin. 

Brontë Sisters—Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë enjoyed exploring, drawing and writing in the family gardens.  This blend combines flavors found in the family orchard.  With a black tea base, pear and apple provide the flavor base that supports the stronger gooseberry tones.

Fodor’s Dostoyevsky—While exploring the cold winters in Dostoyevsky’s novels, keep warm with the blend that combines teas from Russia’s caravans with a dash of Earl Grey. It brews to a medium-blended, bright copper cup that has a hint of citrus.  

Lewis Carroll—This fragrant blend is always perfect for your tea time. Its delicious sweetness and floral notes will remind you of your guests of the Queen of Hearts’ rose garden and the high-energy wackiness of Wonderland.

Jane Austen—You’ll feel like one of Jane Austen’s heroines as you sip this delicate-looking blend that houses surprising strength.  It’s a black tea with an undertone of vanilla and accentuated by warm lavender and cooling mint.  

William Shakespeare—Enjoy a hot cup in the company of Macbeth, Hamlet, Othello, or anyone in the Bard’s vast pantheon with this rose black tea blend that brews to an amber cup and has a sweet, floral taste.

Emily Dickinson—Dickinson’s airy verse is accompanied beautifully by this light floral blend Jasmine tea that combines the flavors of the jasmine flowers and roses that she both  grew and wrote about.

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